Eurocontrol is an active part of various associations which are entrusted with the maintenance and improvement of the quality of services and to act as interlocutors with parts of the company’s public, and with the Administration.


COTEC. Technological Innovation Foundation

CLUSTER ENERGÍA. Basque Country Energy Cluster

PTE – HPC. Spanish Technological Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Platform

ASME. American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASM. American Society for Microbiology

ASTM. American Section of the International Association for Testing Materials

AENOR. Spanish Standardisation and Certification Association

AEGIC. Spanish Association of Inspection and Certification Corporate Groups

ASEICAM. Association of Inspection Entities of the Community of Madrid

ASOCAN. Andalusia Association of Control Bodies

AEND. Spanish Non-Destructive Trials Association

SEPR. Spanish Radiological Protection Society

EUROLAB. Spanish Association of Trial, Calibration and Analysis Laboratories

A3e. Association of Energy Efficiency Companies

ACECAI. Environmental Quality Centre Association

RSG. Recreational Craft Sectoral Group
(A group of bodies notified pursuant to the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD))

ANEPA National Association of Accredited Preventive Institutions

AECC Spanish Association of Shopping Centres

çITG Galicia Technological Institute. BREEAM ES

CESOLSpanish Welding and Union Technologies Association

AWSAmerican Welding Society

APIAmerican Petroleum Institute

AGACSSpanish Association of Environmental Management in Healthcare Centres

OMARSThe Environmental and Social Responsibility Observatory in the Field of Healthcare


IALEAN Andalusian LEAN Institute


On the other hand, Eurocontrol provides its experience and the know-how of its technicians in a variety of working groups which are related to our fields of business, and forms a part of their committees and subcommittees as chair, tutors or members.


  • Industrial Safety
  • Environment
  • Construction
  • Quality
  • Occupational Risk Prevention
  • New Services and Markets
  • Recreational Craft
  • Non-Destructive Trials



  • Storage and distribution of Hydrogen, in turn forming a part of the Strategy and Planning Group (GEP)


  • Residential Building Working Group
  • Energy Commission


  • Legal-Technical Committee
  • Construction and Preventive Training Subcommittee


  • Member of the Directive Committee
  • Active involvement in all the Association’s working groups, drawing up research documents and taking part in technical seminars in the sector.