Civil Engineering

Experience in assistance on-site, and technical studies

Drafting the designs for civil engineering projects

Redaccion de proyectos de obras civiles


This service is aimed at Public Administrations, the public corporations which manage infrastructures, private companies holding concessions for infrastructure works, construction companies and private promoters.

EUROCONTROL develops a multiplicity of consultancy tasks in the civil engineering field, whether in roads, rail, hydro works and airport projects. To do this, it has an important, experienced multidisciplinary team of specialised technicians, along with the material resources needed for this work.



Among the jobs EUROCONTROL performs the following may be mentioned:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Informative Studies
  • Road Safety Analyses
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Preliminary projects
  • Basic Projects
  • Projects for Tender
  • Layout Projects
  • Construction Projects
  • Projects to reinforce roadbeds, and structural rehabilitation
  • Studies and Projects for the elimination of level crossings
  • Acoustic studies and anti-noise screen projects
  • Liquidation Projects

The Company contributes its experience and know-how in all the areas and sectors involved in the integral drafting of infrastructure construction projects:

  • Design of the subdivision of the land required and its expropriation or acquisition.
  • The drafting of all the annexes to the project.
  • Specialised technical studies in structural calculations, the dimensions of masonrywork, modifications to layout, etc.
  • To draft the safety and health plan for the work.
  • To draw up the environmental impact declaration for the project.
  • To prepare modified and as built projects of the finished work.
  • Studies of pathologies of both the civil engineering elements and of the industrial and electrical installations.

Assurance of the quality of the projects and the application of EUROCONTROL’s Environmental System is guaranteed, and has the following duly certified Management Systems:

  • The Quality Management System pursuant to ISO 9001:2008, certified by AENOR
  • The Environmental Management System in the terms of ISO 14001:2004, certified by AENOR
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification, certified by CISQ