Civil Engineering

Experience in assistance on-site, and technical studies

Geotechnical studies

A geotechnical study must make it possible, both in the field of civil engineering and in construction, to anticipate possible problems associated with the terrain, and so to plan and to optimise costs both in minimising or eliminating risks and in implementing the projects.

In its service equally to large and small companies and to private individuals, EUROCONTROL’s human and technological resources deal with all a project’s requisites, plus the certifications demanded pursuant to the Safety Regulations and the most widely accepted standards.

All the work is done in permanent coordination and communication with the client, in this way assuring the highest quality and a real-time response during the field work, and allowing the land and the Project to be perfectly synchronised.

Technical Assistance

The following are the main jobs: the design and monitoring of land survey campaigns, geotechnical reports and the design of the foundations of structures (design and calculation of footing, piles, micropiles, shafts, screens, walls), detecting and analysing rock outcrops, hydrogeological investigation, the study of permeability and piezometric levels.

Technical supervision follows, in the office and in the field, along with a documentary review of the geological-geotechnical information, both in Spain and overseas, for the following:

  • Road design and construction
  • Rail infrastructure
  • Airports and Airport Installations
  • Refineries, petrochemical complexes and combined cycles
  • Hydro Works and Sanitary Engineering (Potable Water and Waste Water Treatment Stations)
  • Tunnels
  • Instability

Geotechnical Studies for Construction

  • Small- or large-budget construction studies and singular projects, irrespective of use
  • The design of trials and their supervision, certification and interpretation
  • Calculation and definition of the recommendations for foundations
  • Laboratory trials
  • All the foregoing is implemented pursuant to the Technical Building Code (CTE-DB-SE_C – Foundations)

Field Work for Environmental Studies

  • Management, planning and supervision of field campaigns for soil contamination studies
  • The management and planning of laboratory trials

Passage of Royal Decree No. 9/2005 and the regional provisions on soil protection in case of activities which are susceptible of causing contamination makes clear the significance and the vulnerability of the soil and subterranean waters as targets for pollution.

Geological and Geotechnical Supplements in Civil Engineering Work

  • Projects for the construction, layout, upgrade and remodelling of roads, hydro works and rail or airport structures
  • Informative studies
  • Studies of the stability of earth movements, slopes and earthworks (in both soils and in rock) by anchoring, bolting, gunniting.
  • The design of treatments for the improvement of the terrain (expandable soils, collapsible, fills, underpinning, reinforcement of existing foundations, …)

EUROCONTROL has the accreditations and the technical and personnel resources needed to offer its clients the best services.

The work of the Geology and Geotechnics Department has been certified by AENOR in the Quality Systems as per ISO 9001-2000, and the Environmental Management Systems pursuant to ISO 14001-2004 and according to the OHSAS 18001:2007 Standard, certified by CISQ.


EUROCONTROL’s human capital is made up of qualified professionals with comprehensive and tested experience during more than 10 years’ professional career in the following:

  • Management and supervision of geotechnical campaigns for civil engineering projects and in geotechnical studies for construction, both in Spain and overseas.
  • The preparation of supplements and geological and/or geotechnical reports.
  • Technical assistance during the design stage and in construction, both for civil engineering work and for building for any use, public or private, for small and for large budgets.


All EUROCONTROL’s professionals have trained in a multidisciplinary context as part of an on-going process of training, thanks to the policy for training and recycling of know-how applied by the Company.