Civil Engineering

Experience in assistance on-site, and technical studies

Site health and safety coordination



EUROCONTROL S.A. has site H&S coordinators with an extensive track-record both in different types of work and in the time spent on each site. EUROCONTROL SA offers your company a team that covers all stages on a construction site, from the design stage to completion.

EUROCONTROL S.A. prepares any type of documentation required by Royal Decree 1627/97:


-H&S coordination at the Design stage.

  • .Drafting of Ordinary and Basic Health and Safety Studies.
  • .Technical Assistance on safety security measures to be adopted at the design stage.
  • . Drafting of Explosion Protection Document.


-H&S coordination at the Execution stage.

  • .Provision of on-site Health and Safety coordinator.


-Drafting of Health and Safety Plans.

-Site supervision and surveillance.

-Hazard Prevention Officer.

-Specific training (in classroom and on site) as specified by the 4th Construction Industry General Bargaining Agreement.

-Assistance and processing of the registration in the Register of Accredited Companies (R.E.A. in Spanish), according to the Construction Industry Subcontracting Act 32/2006.

-Assistance and processing of the subcontracting log

-Guidance and management of supplier and subcontractor certification processes.


Therefore we invite any company to find out about our services in this field, which have to be correctly designed, developed and deployed to ensure a company is managed properly.



Section 24 of the Health and Safety at Work Act, regarding “Coordination of business activities”, and the subsequent regulations developed by Royal Decree 171/2004, establish the basic briefing Occupational Health and Safety instructions to be followed by workers and contracted companies working at the same workplace to cooperate in the application of Occupational Hazard Prevention regulations.

EUROCONTROL S.A. has an extensive range of IT management tools and skilled technicians that will make COORDINATION OF BUSINESS ACTIVITIES. easy and useful for employers.


  • At Eurocontrol we help you to comply with your company’s obligations in terms of coordinating its occupational hazard prevention activities.
  • We let you improve management of your company’s occupational hazard prevention activities, thereby enabling you to run your business better.
  • We provide the company with a qualitative difference, by demonstrating its commitment to occupational safety and health, conveying a positive image to suppliers and customers alike.
  • We design customized management of business activity coordination.



In line with the leisure and cultural welfare society’s demands, every year brings more musical events and concerts at our country’s main venues.

Eurocontrol S.A. is concerned with the audiences’ safety, and helps you to monitor these events:

Supervision and surveillance to ensure proper occupational hazard prevention measures are in place while temporary facilities are being assembled and dismantled:

  • Stages.
  • Tents.
  • Mobile bullrings.
  • Fair tents.
  • Ornamental lighting.
  • Etc.

Whether you are a Local Council or private individual, at Eurocontrol we can advise you on how to ensure your event takes place safely.