Civil Engineering

Experience in assistance on-site, and technical studies

Technical assistance on construction materials

This service is addressed to promoters, construction companies, public bodies, and engineering and architectural studios that need to confirm that work has been done correctly, in terms both of the quality of the materials used and their correct placement on the job, and their operation.

Quality control must be involved from the outset of the work to identify the materials and units of work of most critical nature which are to be monitored.


EUROCONTROL is able to provide a response to all our clients’ requirements, and tests all the materials for the work (in both construction and civil engineering), monitoring their placement on the site and completing all the operational tests required to certify the quality of the work as a whole

The Company’s accredited laboratory operates in the following areas:

  • The EH Area. The Area for controls on the concrete, its components and of the steel reinforcement, basic trials and first complementary trials.
  • The GT Area. The area of trials in the geotechnics laboratory, basic trials and first complementary trials.
  • The VS Area. The area of soils, aggregates, bituminous mixes and their constituent materials on routes, basic trials and first complementary trials.
  • The EA Area. The Area for monitoring the welding of steel structural sections, basic trials and first complementary trials.

In addition, EUROCONTROL monitors supervision, the suitability and the management of trials in Central Laboratories and on the work site in all those areas included in the CTE, providing assistance which helps in the feedback for improvements to the issue of information.

  • Operating tests: load tests, the hermeticity of façades and roofs, the adherence of finishes, the thickness of insulation and protective elements, trials of handrails and the finishes of façades, performed on-site.
  • Reception and tests of the operation of electrical installations, drainage, air conditioning, solar energy, etc.
  • Acoustics and vibrations: acoustic insulation, noise levels on the job, vibrations, etc.