Civil Engineering

Experience in assistance on-site, and technical studies

Transport planning and studies

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EUROCONTROL’s Civil Engineering Division offers the broadest range of services focusing on studies, engineering, the drafting of projects, quality control and the monitoring of the work, making the most advanced technologies available to you and adapting them to the particular requirements of each situation or client.

In all cases, we habitually provide independent, reliable and flexible technical backup adapted to each project to meet the needs of our clients and which helps them to meet their targets and optimise their resources.


1. Transport Planning and Studies


  • Feasibility Studies for the Introduction of New Infrastructures: the socioeconomic and financial impact
  • Market Studies for passenger and goods operators
  • Demand studies
  • Profitability studies
  • Operational programmes for rail line operators
  • Traffic simulations
  • Definition of space-time meshes
  • Estimation of timetables
  • Informative Studies for linear infrastructures