Civil Engineering

Experience in assistance on-site, and technical studies

Trials of construction materials

The EUROCONTROL laboratory has had more than 20 years’ experience and so has been involved in many of the large Construction and Infrastructure projects which have been undertaken in this country and has passed all the monitoring and reassessment audits it has undergone to date.

Official Accreditations

The laboratory is certified by the Madrid Regional Government and is entered in the General Register of the Technical Building Code (CTE) as LECCE with No. MAD l-119 in the following areas of action:

  • The EH Area. The Area for controls on the concrete, its components and of the steel reinforcement, basic trials and first complementary trials.
  • The GT Area. The area of trials in the geotechnics laboratory, basic trials and first complementary trials.
  • The VS Area. The area of soils, aggregates, bituminous mixes and their constituent materials on routes, basic trials and first complementary trials.
  • The EA Area. The Area for monitoring the welding of steel structural sections, basic trials and first complementary trials.

All the activities in those areas are implemented according to the criteria and requisites in European standard ISO/IEC 17025 which result in benefits for the quality of the Construction and of the Civil Engineering work.

Inspection and trial

EUROCONTROL incorporates the most modern equipment in order to be able to undertake the inspections and trials that are commissioned from us by our clients.

The Company is able to set up work laboratories at any point in Spain for the monitoring of singular projects which require this service.

Since it was set up, the laboratory has continued to extend its capacities, complementing them with the services offered by the EUROCONTROL Civil Engineering Division to which it is attached.

EUROCONTROL also handles the supervision, suitability and management of trials by Central Laboratories and on the work site in all the areas which are included in the CTE and which provide assistance feeding back in an improvement to the issue of information.

Voluntary certifications

The Laboratory has defined its priority commitment as that to provide our clients, both public and private, with the best service, and has developed, integrated and introduced the following Management Systems, certified by AENOR, in its fixed and mobile installations:

  • The Quality Management System pursuant to ISO 9001:2008, certified by AENOR
  • The Environmental Management System pursuant to ISO 14001:2004, certified by AENOR
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 certification, certified by CISQ

Equipment and installations

In its Madrid installations, the Company pursues its main inspection and trial activities, drawing for that on the latest technological innovations in sampling resources, and for measurement and trial equipment.

  • Sampling equipment in all the accredited areas
  • An asphalt ignition furnace with a post-combustion chamber
  • A water-cooled burnisher for concrete probes and samples
  • Complete equipment for trials on soils, agglomerates, concretes and metal sections.