Civil Engineering

Experience in assistance on-site, and technical studies


In carrying out a project, EUROCONTROL undertakes to ensure maximum quality. This requires the use of exact methods and of specialists in a variety of fields with advanced computer equipment and specific programmes for the management and interpretation of data, endorsing the analyses made by the professionals, and selecting the technique which is most appropriate for guaranteeing reliable results at a financially acceptable cost.

The Company offers design and consultancy services in subterranean work:

  • Feasibility studies, planning, preliminary projects and projects for road, rail, subway and other tunnels.
  • Tunnel design and calculation: standard tunnel cross-section, calculating support and finish, the construction procedure.
  • Numerical calculations: analysis of stresses and deformations using models of finite elements and finite differences in the field of Rock and Soil Mechanics. These studies are done using the ANSYS and FLAC3D calculation programmes.
  • Quality control and geometric control as the work is done.
  • Analysis of subsidence and design of corrective measures.
  • Geological surveys: design and monitoring of geological campaigns, hydrogeological studies, studies of geological-geotechnical risks, inventories of slopes, testing of probes, etc.
  • Studies of the pathologies of foundations and the design of solutions (underpinning, injections, micropile screens, etc)
  • Design of containing elements: continuous walls and screens, and of piles
  • Design of special treatments: compensation injections, pre-loading, stabilising the ground with lime and cement, gravel columns, etc.
  • Geotechnical studies: design and tracking of survey campaigns (in the field and in the laboratory), analysis of slope stability (rock and soil) and the design of corrective measures, etc.