Controls on all stages of the construction

Acoustics in Construction

Eurocontrol’s “in situ” acoustic trials laboratory with accreditation No. 845/LE1683 and its acoustic engineering department offer you a complete service in relation to acoustic designs for construction:

  • A predictive study of levels in the building surroundings (simultaneous CadnaA): provision for future situations making use of predictive software
  • An acoustic project, justified using theoretical calculations, and the design of minimal solutions in order to comply with CTE DB-HR requisites. Completion of the justificatory file.
  • Technical assistance on the work site.
  • Acoustic certification of the building (insulation trials and measurement of the noise in the installations).
  • Sound-proofing of spaces.
  • Insulation and acoustic conditioning of premises.
  • Other made-to-measure solutions.


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