Controls on all stages of the construction


Drawing up construction projects

This service is aimed at promoters, whether public or private, with the aim of guaranteeing quality and adjustment to the current provisions at all stages of the construction project. EUROCONTRO...Leer más

Quality Control for Construction

EUROCONTROL’s laboratory is able to draw on more than 20 years’ experience, and so has been involved in many of the large Construction and Infrastructure projects which have been undertaken in...Leer más

Sustainable certification

EUROCONTROL is one of the first and few consultants in Spain with professionals specialised in BREEAM Consultancy, developed by BRE (the Building Research Establishment) in the United Kingdom and w...Leer más

Technical Due Diligence of Buildings

On a property market like the current one which is constantly evolving, the technical appraisal of a building or project becomes essential as the basis for decision-making relative to a property, m...Leer más

Trials of construction materials

The EUROCONTROL laboratory has had more than 20 years’ experience and so has been involved in many of the large Construction and Infrastructure projects which have been undertaken in this country...Leer más

Environmental Technical Support

Outside the regulatory scope, EUROCONTROL provides an environmental issue technical support and consultancy service that covers the following areas:   Environmental Administrative Permits (...Leer más

Energy Efficiency in Construction

  Eurocontrol offers a comprehensive range of Energy Efficiency services in the property sector especially designed to provide specific, customised solutions in each case.  ...Leer más

Geotechnical study for construction

One of the main factors to be taken into account when it comes to designing a job is the land where it is to be located, and whose carrying capacity and behaviour in possible eventualities must be...Leer más

Acoustic measurements and studies

The EUROCONTROL acoustics laboratory offers its customers the following types of tests: Airborne sound insulation of premises: This type of tests consists basically in determining the insul...Leer más

Topographical work

Technical assistance for the work Civil engineering Tacheometric surveys Measurement of jobs and their volume Redrawing Monitoring of settlement Job placement Load tests on bridge...Leer más

Planning for construction

EUROCONTROL has a staff of engineers and architects with wide experience in civil engineering projects, technical assistance on works, repair projects and pathologies. The Company integrates urb...Leer más

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