Controls on all stages of the construction

Construction quality control body (ECCE) pursuant to RE 410/2010 in all the regional autonomous communities

EUROCONTROL, S.A. is a Construction Quality Control Body, as provided for in Royal Decree No. 410/2010 of 31 March, addressing the Quality Guarantees adopted in activity for the Technical Controls on Construction in the terms of Act No. 38/1999 of 5 November Regulating Construction, its fundamental aim being to regulate construction in a unified manner and establish a general framework in which to promote the building quality. This includes a commitment to defining sufficient guarantees for users against any possible damage, taking account of the requisites related to functionality, security and habitability that must be met by construction projects which come within its scope of application. Article 14 introduces the “Construction Quality Control Bodies” as a new legal element regulating construction and defined in that Article as “[those] intended to provide the remaining agents in the construction process with the technical assistance necessary to confirm the quality not just of the Project but also of the materials and the work done, and its installations”.

Accredited Quality Control Bodies will define the guidelines and run external, independent Quality Controls on the following aspects of the construction work done:


Project control

Here, the Body verifies, inspects and reports on or certifies the suitability of the designs adopted and the precision in the written, numerical or graphic description.


Quality control on materials

Controls on the Quality of the material, equipment and systems provided for in the work are performed in line with the current provisions. This control involves confirming their suitability according to the Technical Specifications put in place in the Project and the instructions from the Project Management.


Monitoring the work

While the work is being done, the suitability is confirmed of the units of work completed according to the Construction Project and any modifications authorised by the Work Director, with the promoter’s prior clearance, and according to the Technical Building Code (CTE) and the other applicable provisions.


Controls on the construction of the installations

  • Controls on the reception and assembly of equipment supplied to the job, to confirm that it is in line with the project specifications on the characteristics and qualities of equipment and components.
  • Periodic assistance during the work, from qualified specialist Technicians for each one of the installations, for:
  • Assistance in the startup testing of Equipment and Installations.


Topographic controls and monitoring

  • Geometric controls on buildings adjacent to the work.
  • Verification of the geometry and redrawing of work.


Quality control is documented in the associated reports.


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