Controls on all stages of the construction

Drawing up construction projects

This service is aimed at promoters, whether public or private, with the aim of guaranteeing quality and adjustment to the current provisions at all stages of the construction project.

EUROCONTROL has a comprehensive network of offices nationwide, and a multidisciplinary staff with proven experience, making use of specific computer control applications, particularly in the following:

  • Geotechnical assistance
  • Assistance in architecture and structure
  • Assistance in installations
  • Assistance in the control of materials, and for commissioning and operating tests

This is all designed to provide a project which is fully defined and able to be implemented, which is in compliance with the provisions in place, and that the installations in the building function correctly.

The following are the main activities developed by EUROCONTROL:

  • Redrawing of the building
  • Control of the geotechnics, supervision of the project and controls on the completion of all the work units
  • Specialised consultancy to the professional management (recalculation of structures, installations, modifications, …)
  • Monitoring of the work certifications
  • Implementation of the protocols for the startup of the installations
  • Supervision of the quality control on the work
  • The completion of as-built plans, and the building log
  • Environmental monitoring of the work


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