Controls on all stages of the construction

Geotechnical study for construction

One of the main factors to be taken into account when it comes to designing a job is the land where it is to be located, and whose carrying capacity and behaviour in possible eventualities must be analysed.

This, in examining the various factors which come into play, and to anticipate and avoid potential situations, EUROCONTROL engages in a series of activities:

  • Analysis of the information available
  • Study of the geological profile of the site
  • The definition and completion of a geotechnical campaign for an assessment of the terrain, by drilling probes, dynamic penetration trials, in situ trials inside the probes (SPT, pressure gauges), completing this by taking samples (unaltered, waxed) for trial in the laboratory, and also by making use of geophysical techniques.
  • Topographic backup.
  • The creation of the geotechnical model, defining the deformation parameters in each unit.
  • Characterisation of the geological medium to provide guarantees and economy in defining the category and the features of the foundations and containment systems.
  • Study of potentially contaminated soils, artesian water catchment, landfills, etc.
  • An analysis of the instability of slopes and dividing walls. Design of corrective measures.
  • The design and calculation of surface foundations, piling, micropiles, shafts, etc.
  • Design of containment elements: walls and continuous screens and of piles.
  • Design of special treatments: compensation injections, pre-loading, soil stabilisation with lime and cement, gravel columns, etc.
  • Studies of the pathologies in foundations and the design of solutions (underpinning, injections, micropile screens, etc.) and the instrumentation and monitoring of the terrain.
  • Foundation studies for rehabilitation work.
  • Geotechnical consultancy.

EUROCONTROL aims to advise the client in connection with studies of the land and its associated problems, at all stages, from the planning and drafting of the project to the operational phase.


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