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Sustainable certification

EUROCONTROL is one of the first and few consultants in Spain with professionals specialised in BREEAM Consultancy, developed by BRE (the Building Research Establishment) in the United Kingdom and with a high profile in Europe, recently adapted to this country by the Galicia Technological Institute, BREEAM España.

BREEAM is an online Benchmarking tool, certification only possible through a current Licensed BREEAM ES Consultant.

BREEAM certification is designed to cut operating costs and enhance the environmental performance of existing buildings.

Whom does it target?

  • Owners or tenants, who are able:
  • To evaluate the building
  • To evaluate the building’s management practices
  • To compare them with others
  • To develop plans of action to improve
  • Investors, managers and consultants.

How is it done?

  • Part I: An evaluation of the building: its characteristics according to its form, construction and installations.
  • Part I: An evaluation of the management: the building’s operation.


  • Reduced operating costs
  • Good practice
  • The image of a sustainable company
  • A reduction in the environmental impact
  • International recognition
  • Benchmarks for improvements
  • Increased returns
  • Corporate social responsibility




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