Controls on all stages of the construction

Technical Control Body (OCT) for ten-year insurance


As a Company associated with quality, EUROCONTROL, S.A. is committed to the on-going innovation of its organisation and its technical services; notable among its most recent projects has been the Technical Control Body (O.C.T.).

In 2000, with the passage of the Construction Regulation Act (the “LOE”), Eurocontrol, S.A. made a clear decision to form a part of the new system, and restructured its Manual of Quality and Procedures in order to adapt it to the Service as a Technical Assistance Technical Control Body for the Verification of the Quality of Projects, Geotechnical Studies, Materials and the Performance of Work and Installations as provided for in Article 14 of that Act, and with the scope of application defined in Article 2.

In the period between passage of the Act and today’s date, Eurocontrol, S.A. has been involved as Technical Control Body in more than 7,000 construction projects.

As a result of all the above and following more than 35 years of activity as an independent service Company in technical control and quality guarantee, in all types of construction, materials and installations, and extending since 2000 into the Technical Control of Construction for the purposes of ten-year insurance, EUROCONTROL, S.A. is recognised in the context of Ten-Year Damage Insurance as a Technical Control Body (OCT) by reinsurers and insurance companies operating nationwide.

EUROCONTROL, S.A. sufficiently guarantees the following to its reinsurers and insurance company clients:

  • Integrity and independence
    In the terms of its Management policy given form in the quality system put in place according to the UNE EN 45004:1995 Standard, accredited by the ENAC.
  • In the terms of the activity of the companies making up its shareholding, none of which is in any way related to any part of the construction process.
  • In the terms of all those on its Board of Directors (recorded in the audit performed by Unespa) who have no connection with Construction and do not belong as executive members of the company to Financial Institutions.
  • In the terms of the internal rule in Technical Instruction IT/01-Rev. 2 “Internal Rule on Action as OCT”, which regulates the relation between the activity as Technical Control Body and the Civil Engineering Laboratories and the associated group of companies, as declared in the letter of commitment from Eurocontrol, S.A.’s Director General.
  • In the terms of the authorisation as Authorisation Control Body (OCA) from the Castile-La Mancha Industry Council.



  • In the terms of the qualification and professional experience of the OCT’s technical personnel, complying with the recommendations of Unespa, Aocti and ENAC.
  • In the terms of the technological innovation applied in the management process, register of digitalised documentation and the preparation of official reports, as part of the Digitalised Management Computer Programme designed specifically for the purposes.
  • In the terms of the system for the control and supervision of projects, geotechnical studies and controls on work, implemented in on-site inspections and defined in procedures and technical instructions that are prepared specifically for the purposes and which form a part of the OCT quality system.

Civil Liability.

  • With a THREE MILLION EURO (€ 3,000,000.00) Civil Liability insurance policy, with cover appropriate for the controls to be performed.


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