Controls on all stages of the construction

Topographical work

Technical assistance for the work

Civil engineering

  • Tacheometric surveys
  • Measurement of jobs and their volume
  • Redrawing
  • Monitoring of settlement
  • Job placement
  • Load tests on bridges

Rail Superstructure

  • First and second levelling track checks
  • Checks on track facilities: points, diagonals, scissors crossings
  • Geometric control of slab track using corkelast, block and DFF system or the like
  • Geometric control of aluminothermic welding
  • Geometric controls of catenary


  • Approach systems
  • Control of taxiways
  • Runway lighting and signalling
  • Geometric controls, runway paving
  • Parking and roads
  • Buildings

Hydro projects:

  • Geometric controls and measurements of collectors and galleries
  • Geometric and qualitative controls, treatment facilities

Construction and urbanisation:

  • Tacheometric surveys
  • Measurement of jobs and their volume
  • Redrawing
  • Geometric controls on routes
  • Geometric controls on collectors
  • Geometric controls on the settlement of buildings and structures
  • Job placement.
  • Geometric controls on the construction of curtain walls

Industrial Inspection

  • Controls on tank dimensions: Volumetric, verticality, deformation,…
  • Controls on embarkation dimensions


  • Geometric and volumetric controls in tunnel construction
  • Controls on convergence and settling


  • Volumetric control in the implementation of landfills
  • Controls on landfill stability

Private properties

  • Tacheometric surveys
  • Measurements and volumes
  • Preparation of plans for building, commercial and petrol station projects,…


  • Placement, verification and optimisation of routes
  • Mapping and topographic supplements for projects
  • Expropriation supplements

EUROCONTROL has already had experience which endorses our technical capacity and our effective and efficient service in large-scale projects, whether while under way or in technical assistance.



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