An understanding of management systems and improvements to processes


At EUROCONTROL, we understand the specific needs of certain sectors that are subject to special conditioning factors and therefore , may require a higher level of expertise of professionals to share and understand their specific needs, because in certain sectors, increasingly more public and private organizations require greater specialization in the solutions provided to meet their sector’s specific needs. Consequently, a larger degree of knowledge and experience is required to know the very idiosyncrasy of these relevant sectors

EUROCONTROL’s extensive experience, with over 20 years of work in certain fields, has allowed us to ascertain much more detailed information about the specific needs of these important sectors which entails customizing the tools and methodologies normally used in consultancy projects. The consultants themselves also need to have previous experience in these sectors.

Therefore, in addition to its general consultancy work, it also offers specific solutions, associated with a relevant specialization, in certain sectors, such as:

Health Sector:

Global Management Systems

  • Quality, UNE EN ISO 9000
  • Environment, UNE EN ISO 14000 + EMAS
  • Laboratories, UNE EN ISO/ WIP 17025
  • Food Safety
  • Occupational Safety, OHSAS 18001
  • R&D&i, ISO 166,001 and 2
  • Accessibility, ISO 170,001
  • Management Diagnostics
  • Supervision of Self-assessment processes, according to the EFQM model and other Excellency schemes
  • Process-Based Management Systems


  • Andalusian Healthcare Quality Agency Quality Model in Andalusia
  • Extremadura Regional Government’s Quality Model.
  • Evaluation of Health establishments in Catalonia
  • Accreditation:
    • Laboratories
    • Blood Banks / Milk Banks


  • Improving the Performance of Health organizations through the LEAN methodology:
    • Operating Theatres
    • Laundry / Linen
    • Casualty Depts
    • Waiting lists
  • Process Assessment and Improvement
    • Patient safety
    • Industrial Processes: Maintenance, Laundry / Linen
    • Catering processes. Kitchens
    • Waiting List Management
  • Development of Strategic Plans and associated scorecards
  • Social Responsibility Studies
  • Cost Containment
    • waste Study and recovery
    • Hydroefficiency studies
    • Energy improvement studies

Food and agriculture industry

Management Improvement

  • Management Diagnostics
  • Supervision of Self-assessment processes, according to the EFQM model, and drafting of Improvement Plans
  • Guidance on writing Reports for submission to Excellency Awards
  • Process Assessment and Improvement
  • Process-Based Management Systems
  • Scorecard Development
  • Mystery Guest Assessments


  • Environment Impact Studies
  • Environmental Reviews
  • Waste Minimisation Studies.
  • Sustainability Reports
  • Accessibility Studies
  • CSR Analysis and Guidance
  • Equality Studies

Industry Specific Systems

Voluntary Systems

  • Good Farming Practices according to specific protocols: Nature´s Choice, M.P.S.
  • Global Gap
  • Controlled Production
  • Integrated Production

Management Systems

  • BRC and IFS technical standards
  • on Food Safety Management
  • Organic Agriculture and Stock Farming
  • Food Safety Standards. UNE EN ISO 22000

Mandatory Systems

  • Self-Control Systems (APPCC / HACCP)
  • Traceability Systems
  • Data Protection Act
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Act (IPPC)


Leisure and Tourism Industry

Environmental Management in Tourist Organizations

  • Environmental Diagnoses.
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Sustainability Reports


In the Environmental Management field, our teams have completed assignments at the following establishments:

  • Hotel El Fuerte Conil. 1st Hotel in Spain to have its Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System certified
  • Hotel HUSA Princesa. 1st Hotel in Madrid to have its Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System certified
  • HAVE Hotel Group. Certification of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in 5 Hotels, (Playa de la Luz, Duque de Nájera, Guadacorte Park, Hotel Jerez and Villa de Jerez).
  • Andalusia Tourist Villas. Certification of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System of 2 Villas (Grazalema and Periana)

Quality Management in Tourist Organizations

  • Quality of Service Management Diagnoses.
  • Development, introduction and certification of Quality Management Systems.
  • Parameterised Excellence Model-based Audits and Evaluations. EFQM and ICHE models.
  • Mystery Guest Assessments
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Guidance on ICHE (Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE) Standards


In the Quality Management field, our teams have completed assignments at the following establishments:

  • Sol Meliá Group. Meliá Lebreros Hotel. 1st Hotel in Spain to be awarded ISO 9000 Certificate
  • El Fuerte Hotel Group. Hotel El Fuerte Marbella. 1st Holiday Hotel in Spain to be awarded ISO 9000 Certificate
  • Club la Costa. 1st Time-sharing Organization in Europe to be awarded ISO 9000 Certificate
  • Public Ports Agency of Andalusia. First company in Spain to issue Quality Management certificates in 9 Marinas.
  • Isla Mágica. First company to issue ISO 9001 certificates to Theme parks. Mystery Shopper Assessments

International experience in the tourism industry.

EUROCONTROL’s professionals have taken part in international advisory assignments in with Leisure and Tourism Industry-related government bodies:

  • Advisory services to the Government of the Dominican Republic (Secretary of State Councillor for Tourism) in the following fields:
    • Development of the Hotel Classification Model and Commissioning of the National Hotel Classification Scheme, including the inspection process to classify the the country’s 132 most important hotels.
    • Development of the Voluntary Hotel Quality Model of the Dominican Republic.
  • Advisory services to the Regional Government of the Río Negro Province (Argentina) in the development of its:
    • Hotel Categorization Standard, Standards and Regulations governing Catering and Other Services
    • Voluntary Quality Models for the Hotel and Catering Sectors and Other Services.

Aeronautical Industry

Integrated Aeronautical Programme Quality Management

EUROCONTROL’s professionals have been involved in the Quality Management of the Dornier 728 programme within the packages contracted by the Andalucía Aeroespacial consortium, supervising the following tasks on site:

·         Management of non-compliant products and HNCs

·         Deliverables Management

·         Development of Quality Plans

·         Audits

·         Obtaining P.O.A. according to JAR 21 Subpart G

·         Quality System compliant with standard EN 9100


Other Activities performed

  • Consultancy and Drafting of Quality Plans
  • Subcontractor Audits
  • Integrated Scorecards
  • Definition of in collaborations / partnerships between companies
  • Drafting of improvement plans
  • Integrated management of customer / external body audits (preparation, on site audit supervision and management and implementation of corrective actions)
  • Integrated Programme Quality Management
  • Implementation of Quality Systems in accordance with UNE EN 9100
  • Inspections at source
  • Quality System, Programme, Product and Process audits
  • Cost Management Systems
  • Research, Technological Development and Innovation (R&D&i) Management Systems in accordance with UNE 166002
  • Maintenance Management Systems
  • Environmental Management Systems in accordance with ISO 14001
  • Process Management Systems / Setting of KPIs