Energy Efficiency

Advice and tools for energy-saving

Energy Efficiency in the property sector

Eficiencia Energética en el sector inmobiliario


Eurocontrol offers a comprehensive range of Energy Efficiency services in the property sector especially designed to provide specific, customised solutions in each case.




  • Technical-financial feasibility studies of upgrading measures. Eurocontrol analyses and advises on measures for Energy Efficiency in the property sector and which may be introduced in a building, in the upgrading of installations, and the technical feasibility of the introduction of other systems such as renewable energies.
  • Advice during all stages from an Energy Services Contract Company (ESE). Definition and Verification of Measurement Plans and for Confirmation of Savings, designed to improve Energy Efficiency in the property sector.
  • Consultancy on energy management systems: application of ISO 50001, aimed at the implantation of Energy Efficiency measures in the property sector.
  • Technical Due Diligence,offering the client an impartial and objective view of the general state of a building.
  • Systems to monitor energy consumption using tools to analyse, measure and optimise energy supplies to reduce consumption, by analysing power ratings and possible extraordinary charges in invoices (electricity, water, gas…).
  • Energy Audits in buildings, furnishing information on power consumption for the installation of saving and improvement measures.
  • Technical consultancy, introduction and supervision of LEEDTM and BREEAM®Eurocontrol is among the first Spanish companies with technicians authorised to carry out this type of certification and to verify and advise on energy efficiency in the construction of the buildings certified.
  • Energy certificationsof buildings, homes and premises in the terms of all the methods endorsed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism – general (Lider, Calener, CERMA) and simplified (CEX and C3E) – and verification and controls on Energy Efficiency certifications in the property sector.
  • Verification of the commissioning of installations.
  • Post-occupancy studies for clients requiring an exhaustive analysis of the installations in a building, performance and functionality indicators.