Energy Efficiency

Advice and tools for energy-saving

Energy Management: technical assistance and consultancy

With ever increasing frequency, all types of organisations are adopting Energy Management measures ranging from the optimisation of energy supplies to the introduction of management systems in the terms of the ISO Standards, or measures for verification and energy savings.

Eurocontrol has a team of Energy Management experts which will guide an organisation throughout the various stages for the implementation of the measures which are to be introduced.


Optimisation of energy contracts

Optimisation of contracts involves an analysis of power bills and to reduce, control and improve power supplies, whether according to the type of billing, the unit prices billed or adjustments in the power ratings contracted. In such cases, Eurocontrol’s remuneration takes the form of a percentage of the saving which is obtained.

ISO 50001 Consultancy

Eurocontrol advises its client at all the stages of the process: introduction, supervision and monitoring.

Monitoring energy consumption

The power consumption in the installations in industries, buildings or complexes is controlled and monitored by means of a variety of computerised tools (both hardware and software), which make it possible to extract all the data on the consumption concerned, and to run predictive analyses and to track them.

Energy service contracts (IPMVP-EVO)
Organisations with an interest in contracting the services of an energy services company Eurocontrol has consultants certified by IPMVP for the introduction of measures and the verification of savings in the terms of the EVO protocol (Efficiency Valuation Organization). Clients with an interest in efficiency and in saving on energy and water supplies can obtain accreditation with the introduction of this system, recognised by EVO by means of IPMVP certification (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol).