Energy Efficiency

Advice and tools for energy-saving

Energy studies and energy engineering

Eurocontrol offers its clients all the energy studies they are likely to require in accordance with their characteristics and necessities: 3D building modelling and simulation, lighting studies, energy rehabilitation projects, energy efficiency certificates, technical trials, consumption forecasts, “commissioning” and post-occupation analysis, thermography, etc.

3D modelling and simulation of buildings

Use of modelling tools such as CYPE Ingenieros and TEKTON 3D allows us to export to analyse curves of energy demand or to certify buildings or tertiary constructions using the procedures in the general method (CalenerVyP and GT). We are also able to complete energy studies with building simulations for natural and artificial light studies, and confirm compliance with the various documents in the Technical Construction Code (CTE).


Technical consultancy in building rehabilitation

Where energy rehabilitation is to be undertaken on buildings sometimes located in protected zones, Eurocontrol runs an analysis of the provisions, and proposes ways to do the energy rehabilitation work, providing the client with the experience of its energy managers.

Energy certification of buildings, homes or premises

Our technicians are trained in the issue of Energy Efficiency Certificates in line with all the systems approved by the Ministry of Industry: CE3, CE3X, Calener VyP and Calener GT, LIDER and CERMA. We can underline our wide experience in such singular buildings as shopping centres and the corporate buildings of large companies, in addition to residential homes.

On the other hand, we perform checks or external controls on certifications issued by other certifying agencies.

For further information on Energy Efficiency Certificates, click here.


Technical studies

Our specialised teams enable us to carry out singular technical energy studies, studies of façades, infiltration studies, thermographic studies of the shell and productive facilities and systems.


Eurocontrol offers its clients assistance in the startup or commissioning of facilities, and in post-occupancy analysis in order to adjust to the consumption anticipated in their installations, along with forecasts for industrial and tertiary power consumption or proposed indicators of comfort and use.


We also have an R + D + i studies department for the implementation of advanced analyses, phase change materials, and other energy studies.