Environmental vigilance

Waste and urban solid waste plant consultancy and characterization

EleccionBALA_okAs regards waste and urban solid waste plant consultancy and characterization, our team of professionals offers the following services:

  • Characterization, screening and quality control of recovered materials in packaging sorting plants, incinerators, and biogas production plants. Characterization of incoming glass, plant rejects (KSP) and suitable glass. Service quality control monitoring work (selective collection container point inspection).
  • Physical-chemical characterization and sampling. Eurocontrol has its own laboratory for the determination of %H, %SV, PCI, PCS, N, C, H, and Cl.
  • Identification of the waste generated by a given activity and evaluation of its correct management.
  • Consultancy on the application of best available techniques adopted by the activity in the production of solid waste.
  • R&D&i Research in waste plants, energy harnessing, facility efficacy. (Incinerators, biogas production plants, gasification plants). Pioneering municipal waste harnessing research.
  • Landfill impact study and advisory services. Environmental monitoring plan control.
  • Plant protection product packaging in collection point audits.
  • Training in all urban solid waste operations (management, mechanical design, machinery, etc.)