21/10/2014 | Construction

Which buildings are targeted by the Technical Control?

Technical Control is directed to all types of buildings: residential, offices, hotels, garages, hospitals, pavilions, sports complexes, industrial buildings, etc. Ten-Year Insurance is required for buildings which are to be used mainly for homes.

Ten-Year Insurance is however not required in the case of an individual self-promoter of one single-family home for their own use. However, in case of disposal «inter vivos» within the term provided for in Article 17.1 a) of the Building Regulation Act, unless otherwise agreed, a self-promoter is required to contract the guarantee referred to in the previous paragraph, for the time remaining until the end of the ten years.

For these purposes, the deeds of disposal «inter vivos» will not be authorised and will not be posted in the Property Register without accreditation and attestation to the effect that said guarantee has been created, unless the promoter, who must evidence that he or she has used the home, was expressly released by the buyer from constituting said guarantee.

Nor will that guarantee be demanded for the rehabilitation of buildings destined principally to be used as homes and for which the associated construction licences were sought for the new construction projects prior to the passage of this Act.