21/10/2014 | Environment

I can hear noise from the bar / activity down below. What can I do to resolve this?

In the field of acoustics, it is always the source of the noise which must be dealt with before those receiving it, as this is far more effective and usually less costly. In this case, it would mean little or nothing to increase the insulation in the home because that way, what we would succeed in doing is to have much happier neighbours who hardly hear the noise produced in our home, while we would continue to suffer the noise from outside virtually the same as before. In these circumstances, we always recommend as a first course to use cordiality and dialogue with the owner, to make them aware of what is annoying us (at it is the owner who must ensure that the activity includes the insulation necessary to avoid transmitting noises to the surroundings). If this approach fails, a complaint can be filed with the Police (for noise) although most municipalities do not have the right equipment to enable them to certify a noise level, so that the matter usually ends up with an admonition or fine, but the noise is likely to return with time. To bring it to a permanent stop, all that remains is to run a noise-level measurement and, with the certificate of non-compliance, go to the Courts. This process can be slow and tedious, although if there is a breach (which usually is the case), the outcome will be to require the bar to be insulated acoustically to the point where it causes no more nuisance, or even for it to be closed (and, depending on the level and the time during which the noise has been supported, indemnification).