21/10/2014 | Occupational Safety and Health

What is the content of the emergency and evacuation plan?

To comply with the aims of the emergency and evacuation plan, the following documents will be drawn up:

  • A document stating and evaluating the conditions of risk of the buildings, as a function of the resources available and including all aspects which are of interest for the safety of persons and property.
  • An inventory with a description of the human and material resources, setting out where they are located and the instructions for their use and operation in case of an emergency.
  • A document which reviews potential emergency situations and the associated plans of action, along with the conditions for the use and maintenance of the installations.
  • A document explaining how the plan is to be introduced and taking account of the following:
  • General disclosure of the plan
  • The specific training programmes for the personnel included in the plan.
  • Review, when advisable.
  • The names of the persons making up the planned organisation, and the functions assigned to each of them.
  • Revision and maintenance of the various material protective items for emergencies.

To assist in the design of an emergency plan, the Ministry of the Interior has published a guide which, in four documents, describes the steps which must be taken to implement such a plan.