21/10/2014 | Environment

What legislation protects me if I am subject to high levels of noise?

In municipal terms, in general localities with 50,000 inhabitants or more usually have their own Noise Ordinance. This can be consulted on the municipal council’s website, where you will able to find out about the noise limits applied in your locality and the time to which each limit extends (periods of time do differ).


If your Council does not have its own Municipal Ordinance, you can turn to the Regulatory Document immediately above, which would be a Regional Government Decree providing protection against noise and which most Autonomous Communities do have.


As a last resort, if your Autonomous Community does not have a Decree offering protection against noise (or should the provisions they do have prove to be obsolete), there is the National Regulation (applicable throughout the country) called Royal Decree No. 1367/2007 enabling the Noise Act, Act No. 37/2003.


In the REGULATIONS section on our website, you can download any Regulatory Document applying in your geographical area.