21/10/2014 | Environment

Is it normal to be able to hear your neighbours?

In a “standard” situation (that is with “civilised” neighbours whose daily round is normal, who do not shout a great deal or listen to music at maximum levels) we would normally hardly hear our neighbours’ activity (with the exception of a slammed door, something dropped and, occasionally, a voice). If in this “standard” situation we continue to hear the neighbours’ conversations clearly, we know that the television is switched on, or when they go to the bathroom … this is not normal. The acoustic insulation in the home is clearly deficient and, as owner of your home, you must know that if it was acquired after 2009, you are protected by Royal Decree No. 1371/2007 which approved the basic document «DB-HR Noise Protection» of the Technical Building Code. You are able in these circumstances to demand that the promoter do the work needed to increase the deficient insulation, although to do that you have to demonstrate that the insulation is insufficient, by means of an acoustic trial performed by an Acoustic Laboratory Certified by the National Accreditation Agency (ENAC) to run such trials (on the façade, frame, party wall, etc…).