21/10/2014 | Occupational Safety and Health

What training must the employees receive?

The training an employer must provide to each employee in the field of occupational risk prevention must take the following form:

  • Theoretical and practical.
  • Be sufficient and appropriate for the risks at their work station or in their function and for the protective and preventive measures adopted for those risks.
  • It must adapt to the evolution of the risks and the appearance of new risks.

The prevention delegates and the employees appointed must have adequate and sufficient training in occupational risk prevention to enable them to implement their functions properly, and account must be taken not just of the risks inherent to the activity but also of the dimensions of the company where they are to make use of those functions.

In connection with this last aspect, the occupational risk prevention legislation defines three 3 levels of training:

  • Basic level training.
  • Intermediate level training.
  • Senior level training.