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Inspection of welding using Non-Destruction Testing with TOFD equipment

TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction) is a new ultrasound technique based on the diffraction waves emitted by discontinuities when excited with an ultrasound signal. It is ideal for inspection of large thicknesses and, because it allows a register to be filed, this technique is recognised in the applicable standards and codes as a substitution for X-rays, making it possible to eliminate bottlenecks, hold times, radiations, etc., so positioning TOFD as a technique of the future when it comes to inspection of very thick welds in pressurised equipment.

Characteristics of NDTs using TOFD

  • NDT substituting for RT. Accepted in standards
  • Longitudinal and circular welds
  • Major thicknesses
  • Elimination of the RT bottleneck
  • Environmental enhancement
  • High added value. Profitability
  • Real time

The advantages of TOFD

  • Highly accurate and sensitive
  • Increased evidence
  • Fast
  • Secure cover
  • Understandable presentation
  • Rapid Reports / rapid decision-making
  • Permanent registration of all parameters
  • Offline Interpretations and Measurements
  • Objective Advice
  • Excellent Repeatability

The advantages of TOFD over RT

  • Elimination of the bottleneck
  • Registration of volumetric trial
  • Enhanced environmental and personal security



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