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Metrological tester


Legal Metrology is designed to confirm that the provisions applicable in relation to measurement instruments among other things are complied with, to guarantee the equitability of commercial transactions. The State is able to implement this control itself or through monitoring bodies certified in National Accreditation Agency (ENAC) authorisation.

Royal Decree No. 889/2006 of 21 July regulating State metrological control of measurement instruments, and Order ITC 3701/2006 require measurement instruments in service to be submitted to the following:


  • – Verification following repair or modification
  • – Periodic verification: every 2 years

Periodic verification is made up of the following stages:

  • Administrative review: documentary and visual checks on authorisation
  • Metrological examination: Temperature Trial, Trial of duration of the registration
  • Approval


The Instruments which must be monitored

The measuring instruments which must undergo metrological control fall into various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food, transport or storage:


Eurocontrol’s ENAC accreditation extends to the following inspections of measurement instruments:

ENAC accreditation, Eurcontrol


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