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Non-destructive Testing

EUROCONTROL holds National Accreditation Agency (ENAC) accreditation No. 845/LE1878 AS NON-DESTRUCTIVE TRIALS LABORATORY and that for a number of Audits from ASME AS NON-DESTRUCTIVE TRIALS COMPANY IN OBTAINING THE “U”, “U2” SEAL AND THE “NPT” NUCLEAR SEAL.

The scope of the trials and inspection deals among other things with the following points:

  • Non-destructive Trials (penetrating liquids, magnetic particles, ultrasounds, x-rays, Visual Inspection, hardnesses, etc.)
  • Certification of welding procedures and welders pursuant to ASME IX and EN ISO 15614.
  • Chemical Analysis of Materials “in situ” and in the laboratory.

Eurocontrol has the equipment needed for all types of inspections, including latest-generation tools such as TOFD and PHASED ARRAY.

  • Iridio192 and Cesio137 gammagraphic equipment.
  • Directional and panoramic X-Ray equipment with 200 Kv power.
  • Conventional ultrasound equipment with sensors of various angles and frequencies, and sensors specifically for the examination of plated elements and parts at high temperatures.
  • TOFD and PHASED ARRAY ultrasound equipment with sensors of 32 and 64 crystals, together with specific Phased Array sensors of 64 crystals for the study of corrosion.
  • SPECTRO TEST portable chemical analysis equipment with range for the following elements: Al, As, B, C, Co, Cr, Cu, Mg, Mn, Mo, Nb, Ni, P, Pb, S, Si, Sn, Ti, V, W and

Finally, the company has the best professionals, accredited by the most prestigious international committees and associations.


  1. Personnel accredited to level 2 and level 3 pursuant to EN 473/ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1A in Industrial Radiography, Ultrasounds, Magnetic Particles, Penetrating Liquids and Visual Inspection, and audited by the National Accreditation Agency (ENAC) to obtain accreditation as NDT laboratory in the terms of ISO 17025 and by ASME auditor to obtain the “U”, “U2” and “NPT” seals.
  2. International Welding Engineers and European Welding Engineers from the International Welding Institute (IWI).
  3. Welded construction inspectors, levels 2 and 3 according to UNE 14618, by
  4. Welded construction inspectors by the AWS, pursuant to AWS QC1.
  5. API 653 Inspectors from the American Petroleum Institute.


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