Industrial Inspection

The guarantee that everything is under control

Quality control in the production of supplies

EUROCONTROL, S.A. provides services in Construction and in Industry by completing all the work (or in collaboration with the manufacturers themselves as Technical Consultants) for jobs on the following:


  • Preparation of technical specifications.
  • Planning of quality controls..
  • Preparation and introduction of quality control manuals.
  • The design of programmes for inspection points, road maps and lists of operations, inspections and tests.
  • Plans for Controls on Production.
  • Production Procedures:
  • The completion and monitoring of technical audits for optimising quality or for preparing lists of objective checks or the evaluation of results.
  • Proposals for alternative solutions.

EUROCONTROL, S.A. also provides advisory, consultancy and technical assistance services in the resolution of problems in the production and for the enhancement of procedures, and has obtained the “U” seal from the ASME, certification pursuant to UNE EN 1090-1 for EC marking of metallic structures, etc…


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