Occupational Safety and Health

Your employees’ safety in relation to occupational risk


External OHP service

Eurocontrol's External OHP Service offers an interdisciplinary team that can handle all of your company's safety, hygiene and ergonomics-related issues. The Department of Employment has authorise...Leer más

Site health and safety coordination

SITE HEALTH AND SAFETY COORDINATION   EUROCONTROL S.A. has site H&S coordinators with an extensive track-record both in different types of work and in the time spent on each site. EU...Leer más

Self-protection and emergency plans

SELF-PROTECTION AND EMERGENCY PLANSThe activities are listed in Annex II of Royal Decree 393/2007, as far as national legislation is concerned. Certain regional rules also apply, namely Decree 80/2...Leer más

Theoretical and practical training

Eurocontrol provides general and specific theoretical and practical training in occupational hazard prevention-related areas. In particular, we give specialized courses on: • OHP Training ...Leer más

ATEX Regulations

What is ATEX legislation? ATEX legislation is a European Directive transposed into Spanish law by Royal Decree 681/2003 and Royal Decree 400/1996 and that requires employers to ensure proper c...Leer más

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene is the set of techniques that studies the physical, chemical or biological work environment to prevent the development of occupational diseases. Countless studies have managed...Leer más

Ergonomics and applied psychosociology

Ergonomics has sought to ascertain the factors that could make it easier to monitoring occupational hazards, using different techniques and disciplines such as medicine, engineering, psychology and...Leer más

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