Occupational Safety and Health

Your employees’ safety in relation to occupational risk

External OHP service

Eurocontrol’s External OHP Service offers an interdisciplinary team that can handle all of your company’s safety, hygiene and ergonomics-related issues. The Department of Employment has authorised our External OHP Service to operate throughout the country.
We conduct all our assignments in accordance with strict technical quality assurance rules and regulations. Whenever we take on an assignment, we start by conducting an initial risk assessment, plan the preventive action, and perform regular inspections of the working conditions.

Our commitment is to offer all our customers effective solutions tailored to each company’s specifications, adapted to the regulations laid down by the competent bodies and at a very competitive price, allowing customers to choose the option that best suits their needs.
As an External Occupational Hazard Prevention Service, we are in a position to offer all our customers a full, holistic service that covers the four specialties listed in theOccupational Hazard Prevention Act 31/1995 :

  • Occupational Safety
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology
  • Health Monitoring


Eurocontrol has been providing its External OHP Service since 2000, supporting employers in developing preventive management processes:

– Definition of the Occupational Hazard Prevention System.
-OHS Plan. Law 54/03. Design, Development, Implementation and Follow-Up.
-Drafting of annual preventive action programmes and plans.
-Design of the employee Training, Information and Consultation Plan.
-Business activity coordination action protocol.
-General and specific risk training schemes. Design and development.
-Goods and equipment procurement programme. Design and follow-up.
-Accident, incident and occupational disease investigation analysis programme.
-Drafting of annual report.
-Utilization of personal protective equipment (PPEs).
-Determination of priorities in adopting preventive measures (Planning).
-Guidance and oversight on the effectiveness of preventive measures taken by the employer.

-Industrial safety regulation compliance studies (pressure vessels, APQ, lifting apparatus, transportation, etc.)

– Preparation of workplace safety procedures: Access to confined spaces, Work in heights, Electrical work, etc