Occupational Safety and Health

Your employees’ safety in relation to occupational risk

Theoretical and practical training

Eurocontrol provides general and specific theoretical and practical training in occupational hazard prevention-related areas. In particular, we give specialized courses on:

• OHP Training
       By Sectors.
       Beginner OHP courses.
• Construction (R.E.A., Construction Professional Card).
• Metal Industry Statewide Bargaining Agreement.
• Explosive Atmospheres.
• Emergencies.
• Hygiene Risks.
• Ergonomic and Psychosocial Risks.


OFICIOSConstruction Industry Occupational Hazard Prevention courses

Pursuant to the provisions of the Construction Industry Subcontracting Act 32/2006, and the provisions of the current Construction Industry General Bargaining Agreement for 2007 – 2011, the Construction Industry Labour Foundation has been entrusted with the development and issue of the Professional Construction Card.

This card states the following information, among others: the occupational hazard prevention training that the industry’s worker has received; their job category; and the periods of time they have spent working for the different firms at which they have been employed.

Since 31st December 2011, anyone person working in the construction industry must have the Professional Construction Card (TPC in Spanish)

Eurocontrol has been certified by the Construction Industry Labour Foundation to give Construction Industry Occupational Hazard Prevention courses.



  • Permanent classroom or beginner levels. 8 hours


  • Company managerial staff. 10 hours, in-class/online (Qualifications required to register as an accredited construction industry company (REA), both when the company acts as a contractor and/or subcontractor).
  • Site managers/site engineers. 20 hours, in-class.
  • Middle management. 20 hours, in-class.
  • Occupational Hazard Prevention officers. 70 hours, in-class.
  • Building, Basic Level 60 hours, in-class/online
  • Clerical Staff. 20 hours, in-class


  • Masonry. 20 hours
  • Demolition and refurbishment work. 20 hours
  • Formwork. 20 hours
  • Steel framework. 20 hours
  • Plaster cladding. 20 hours
  • Electricity. 20 hours
  • Plumbing. 20 hours
  • Stonework. 20 hours
  • Painting. 20 hours
  • Flooring and tiling. 20 hours
  • Hoisting apparatus operators. 20 hours
  • Earthwork machinery and vehicle operators. 20 hours
  • Manual equipment operators. 20 hours