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A-40 Express Route. Ocaña-Tarancón Section

Ministry of Development


Consultancy and Technical Assistance for Control and Supervision of work on the A-40 Express Route. Section: Ocaña-Tarancón. Sub-section: Villarrubia de Santiago (E) – Santa Cruz de la Zarza. Province of Toledo.

  • Budget: € 1,310,326.83
  • Date: 2005-2012
  • Budget for the work subject to control and supervision: € 40,702,311.72
  • Express Route length: 12,260 m.
  • Standard trunk cross-section: two roadbeds with two lanes 3.50 m wide, outside shoulders of 2.50 m and inside shoulders of 1.00 m. Verges 1.00 m wide and a median strip of 10.00 m.
  • Three links, one of them the complete diamond type and the other two half-diamond with weights.
  • Earth movement: 1,534,491 m3 excavation and 1,727,270 m3
  • Platform and roadbed based on materials treated with hydraulic conglomerates, artificial ballast and hot bituminous mixes.
  • Structures:

– Five overpasses of the post-tensioned concrete slab bridge type.

– Three reinforced concrete underpasses, one the gantry type and two of the frame type.

– A pergola over the rail line, of 134 m total length and an internal free width of 15 m, with piles closed in situ and a deck of 50 double T beams with a 0.80 m edge and reinforced concrete compression slab.