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Action for category II/III and upgrading of the taxiing lane, Tenerife/North Airport


Technical Assistance for the control and supervision of the work on the Actions for category II/III and upgrade of the taxiing lane at Tenerife/Norte Airport.


  • Budget: € 378,466.50
    Dates: 01/06/2007-05/11/2010
  • Budget for the work subject to control and supervision: € 10,943,780.79
  • Adaptation of the existing installations to Category II/III for operations through threshold 30 of the 12-30 runway, upgrading the paving of the taxiing lanes, and construction of interceptive drainage on the southern taxiway of the runway, with the implementation of the following actions:
    • Actions for Category II/II: Flattening and levelling of the runway lateral taxiway, rehabilitation of the services affected, the horizontal signalling, channelling and manholes, ugrading of the central electrical facility, threshold beaconing, approach category II-III head 30, surface virtual calibration radio-altimeter and a point to point failure detection system.
    • The upgrading of the taxiing lane, and drainage: Levelling and earth movement, roadbeds and paving, drainage, signalling and beaconing.