Clientes y Proyectos

Activities of the radio and tx design of the access network for the operator Yoigo

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Management of the design and the radio and tx optimisation of the Yoigo network. A turnkey project.

Broad description:

* Revision of the nominal plan and analysis for deployment, with analysis of feasibility at the Radio and TX level.
* Meetings and monitoring of the project landmarks, together with ERICSSON.
* Support in incidents during integrations and optimisation
* Creation of SARF
* Delivery and approval of tracking to YOIGO
* Radio design and integrations of new nodes
* Second carrier integrations
* Initial Tuning: revision, definition and monitoring of the site (KPI, alarms)
* Performance of a Drive Test and tuning report
* Reparenting and Generation of cover plots
* Redrawing and definition of the radio solution by node
* Technical validation of RX and TX

Year: 2012 – 2013