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Campaign of measures for the calibration of the cover information system (SIC) for Telefónica

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Drive Test Measurement of GSM/DCS/UMTS technologies, for the verification of the quality of the network and validation of the solution.

Broad description:

  • Data capture in the field for Drive-Test measures in the GSM/DCS/UMTS network
  • Verification of the needs for implantation based on strategic / economic parameters (time for ROI, penetration rate, possibilities for the growth of the zone)
  • Validation of the solution adopted
  • Validation of Sites (verification of the expected signal levels, the feasibility of the TX link, the possibility of interference with adjacent cells, the effect of the physical nature of the land).
  • Checks made on statistics provided via the services for the Operation and Maintenance of the network
  • Location of shadow zones by checking the level of the power received (verification of RXLEV on the threshold or RSSI).
  • Verification of the quality of the vocal signal (RXQual or C/I) and of the speed of access to the data service (throughput)
  • An evaluation of continuity in calls in roaming (verification of adjacencies)
  • Compliance with the specifications in the taking of samples
  • Procedure for the verification of equipment installed in a mobile unit
  • Procedure for the surveillance and verification of the fact that the systems are operating correctly in taking data and for the restitution procedure as from any failure point of an element
  • Redefinition and proposal to TELEFÓNICA of new models for report of graphics and metric maps report.

Year: 2009