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Construction of 6 MetroSur stations in Madrid

The Madrid Regional Government Transport and Infrastructures Council (MINTRA)

The construction of 6 Metro stations as part of the Contract for the “Control and Supervision of the Work on the Construction of the Infrastructure in sectors 7, 8 and 9 of MetroSur. Stations 2 – 7: Getafe 2-Sector 3 Conservatorio; Getafe 3-Alonso de Mendoza; Getafe 4-Estación de Centro; Getafe 5-Avda. España; Getafe 6-Estación de El Casar; Getafe 7-Estación de los Espartales, using the Cut and Cover procedure”. Joint Venture UTE INGEUR: INTEMAC (33.787%); GEOCONSULT (39.195%) and EUROCONTROL (27.018%).


  • Budget (excl. VAT): € 4,518,031.93. Budget (with VAT): € 5,240,917.04
  • Dates: 06/2000 – 02/2003
  • The stations are integrated into a site which is protected by a set of armoured concrete screens, and the excavation is done either open cast or is mined, applying the “cut and cover” method.
  • Electro-mechanical installations and equipment in the stations: the structure needed to house the electrical substations for traction in the stations is built as well as for other electrification equipment, signalling and communications necessary to ensure that the line is operated adequately.
  • Also included are emergency lighting systems with their associated connection, and the earth network.
  • The stations also include the drainage, plumbing and sanitary components in order to provide service.