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Enlargement of the Check-in and Departures Building at Reus Airport


Control of the work on the Extension of the Check-in and Departures Building at Reus Airport.


  • Budget (inc. VAT): € 816,019.56
  • Dates: 03/2007 – 11/2011
  • Budget for the work which is the subject of control and supervision: € 15,193,332.72
  • The following were the main actions:
    • Remodelling of the Terminal exclusively as a departures Terminal, along with the construction of a new building for arrivals traffic.
    • The construction of a further new building as a connection between those two buildings and linked to them both, to be used for check-in.
    • Construction of a new departures trolley apron, with two baggage handling facilities.
    • As a result of the remodelling work and enlargements, it has been necessary to upgrade and modernise most of the installations in the existing building
    • A new Transformer Centre has been built, which will be located inside the remodelled departures building.
  • The total constructed area is of 10,805.45 m², distributed as follows:
    • The departures building: a ground floor of 3,397.42 m² and a first floor of 892.71 m²
    • The check-in building: a ground floor of 6,515.32 m²