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Enlargement of the southern platform – La Coruña Airport


Technical Assistance for the Control and Supervision of the work on enlargement of the southern platform at La Coruña Airport.


  • Budget: € 385,388.58
  • Dates: 18/06/2007-20/11/2010
  • Budget of the work subject to control and supervision: € 4,511,344.76
  • The area of operation was of 23,500 m2.
  • The pavings used:
    • Rigid paving. The rigid paving packet has the following characteristics: HP-45 36 cm concrete slab. M.B.C. G-25 type base of 15 cm. CBR granular subbase > 35 30 cm.
    • Flexible paving along the Taxiing runway. Taxiing layer M.B.C. type T-6, of 10 cm. M.B.C. T-5 type base, of 24 cm. M.B.C. T-4 type subbase of 6cm. CBR granular subbase >35, 20 cm.
    • The paved margins. Taxiing layer, M.B.C. type T-6, of 10 cm. Granular base (artificial ballast) of 50 cm.