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Extension and upgrade of the flight runway and lateral taxiways at Vitoria airport


Assistance in the control and supervision of the work on the extension and upgrade of the Vitoria airport flight runway and lateral taxiways.


  • Budget: € 352,959.44
  • Dates: 14/06/2010 – 08/11/2011
  • Budget for the work subject to control and supervision: € 10,918,000.00.
  • The purpose of this work was to upgrade the runway paving service conditions, focusing on surface evenness and the friction coefficient in line with ICAO recommendations.
  • Vitoria airport has a flight runway with the denomination 04-22 and which is 3,500 metres long and 45 metres wide, built in hydraulic concrete, using 7.5 x 7.5 m slabs, and a lateral taxiway of 3,720 x 300 metres.
  • The work done involved an extension of the paving of the 04-22 runway using asphaltic concrete, 3,500 m long and 45 m wide, and composed of two layers, a first layer of 6 cm, Type 40 BC, open type mix or draining, with a high rubber content. The second layer, the taxiing layer, is of 4 cm and type 30, also of the type known as open or draining and with high rubber content to guarantee friction and texture.