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New Rail Access to North and Northwest Spain


Soto del Real, Segovia

Consultancy and Assistance for the Control and Supervision of the Work on the New Rail Access to North and Northwest Spain. Sector: Soto del Real-Segovia. Infrastructure and Track. Set 4.


  • Budget: € 5,763,494.85.
  • Date: 2002-2007.
  • Budget for the work subject to control and supervision: € 351,342,373.16.
  • Construction of a 15 km tunnel (Set 4) with a circular transversal cross-section and excavated with a Double Shield type hard-rock tunnel boring machine.
  • Lined with prefabricated reinforced concrete rings.
  • Construction of connection galleries every 250 m between the main tunnels.
  • Construction of a false tunnel 211 m long, using prefabricated concrete walls and beams.
  • Recuperation of clearance in Falla de Valparaíso with self-supporting runners in the inverted arches and elevations and arch.
  • The construction of Transformer Centres for non-rail facilities.
  • Installation and commissioning of non-rail installations for the servicing, maintenance and protection of the tunnel (lighting, fire-fighting systems, airing and ventilation).
  • Drainage, paving, slab track (15 km of double track) and service and passenger evacuation platforms.
  • Substation for supply to the non-rail installations.
  • The Complementary Project for the Civil Engineering Work on the Traction Centre.