Clientes y Proyectos

Supervision of network deployment under the “Plan to Extend Mobile Telephony to Rural Environments” (eGSM)

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Services for supervision, project management and coordination of safety and health for the deployment of the mobile telephony in rural zones, emergency zones and communication routes for the operator Telefónica in the areas of Andalusia and Eastern Spain, with more than 3000 points deployed.

Broad description:

  • Control and monitoring of deployment planning
  • Management of licences and permits
  • Analysis of the technical and financial feasibility of the sites
  • Drafting of a verification checklist based on the operator’s specifications
  • Supervision of the performance and quality control of the work and installations and of subcontractors
  • Identification of flaws and monitoring of their resolution
  • Safety and health coordination tasks pursuant to Royal Decree No. 1627/97

Year: 2006 – 2008