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A third lane on the Right Roadbed of the Txorierri Corridor and the A-8 Motorway Connection Project

Interbiak – Regional Authority of Bizkaia

Txorierri - Vizcaya

Technical Assistance to the management of the Work, and Coordination of Safety and Health on the Project for the Construction of a Third Lane on the Right Roadbed of the Txorierri Corredor in the Section of the Artxanda-Derio Tunnels and for the Project for Connecting the A-8 Motorway on the Lurreta and Durango Route and the Tabira Roundabout on the BI-623 Highway.



  • Budget: € 827,963.92
  • Date: 2008-2010
  • Budget of the work subject to the control and supervision: € 19,634,053.09
  • Enlargement of the deck on the Larrondo Viaduct (144 m) by extending the existing outside overhangs and carrying them on metal braces.
  • Enlargement of an underpass with the creation of a side overhang of about 3.5 m, over a length of approximately 25 m.
  • Construction of new containing walls and moored walls along the entire length of the trunk.
  • Replacement of the corridor’s transversal drainage system and of the fibre optic and lighting networks.
  • Construction of 5 roundabouts to upgrade the A-8 motorway connection via the Iurreta and Durango
  • Construction of 3 underpasses.
  • Construction of 4 containing walls.