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The Vitoria-Bilbao-San Sebastián High-Speed Line


Basque Country

Consultancy and Assistance for Control and Supervision of the work on the Trackbed for the New Vitoria-Bilbao-San Sebastián High-Speed Line, Abadiño-Durango Section.



  • Budget: €4,825,148.91
  • Date: 2006-2012
  • Budget for the work subject to control and supervision: €61,503,398.01
  • Trackbed for the High-Speed Line.
  • Length of the section: 3,520 m.
  • Untixilla Viaduct: Length 207 m. A continuous deck comprising six spans, prefabricated box girders, hyperstatic performance.
  • Mañaria Viaduct: Length 540 m. Continuous twelve-span deck.
  • An underpass and a structure over the River Mañaria.
  • Eguskiza Tunnel: Mine length 597 m with a free section of 95 m2, total length including false tunnels, 723m.
  • Mendigain Tunnel: Mined length 1,017 m with a free section of 85 m2, total length including false tunnels, 1,066 m.

Tunnel excavation Process: the New Austrian Method.