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Resealing of LPG tanks for Noise Emission

Registration and Analysis of the Acoustic Emissions of Structures Subject to Stress is a Non-Destructive Inspection Method which makes it possible to detect and track the evolution of damage to metallic or non-metallic structures.

The formation and development of damage (fissures, corrosion …) is accompanied by the emission of ultrasound acoustic waves which are propagated through the structure and which can be detected by one or more piezoelectric transducers installed on the surface of the structure concerned. The sensors convert the movements of the surface of the metal into electrical signals which are amplified, processed and stored.These are subsequently analysed using the appropriate instruments, making it possible to evaluate the severity of the structural damage detected, and to locate the sources of the noise emission linearly or on a plane. Eurocontrol is the first company to have secured the accreditation of the ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) as a laboratory for this type of trial in Spain.

The use of acoustic emission techniques to determine the state of tanks and spheres is an alternative to the traditional hydraulic pressure test, over which it has a number of advantages:

Noise Emission


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