Regulatory Inspection

The certainty of knowing that all is operating correctly

Electrical installations

Under the legislation in place, regulatory inspections must be run, whether periodic or initial, on both high- and low-voltage electrical installations.

The massive use of low-tension electrical installations in homes, buildings, premises of all type, industry etc., and the need to carry electrical power over long distances with the least possible energy loss along high-voltage lines does involve a potential risk which has to be minimised. Thus these installations are governed by strict regulation of their design and startup and their requisites in terms of security, maintenance procedures and monitoring.

Eurocontrol has had extended experience in the performance of the tests which are defined for regulatory inspection, both in high-voltage (Step Measurements and contact, the Measurement of Insulation and the Upgrade of security devices), and in low-voltage (Verification of electrical panels, Checks on Security devices: Differentials, Earthing, ATEX (explosive atmospheres), etc.), along with inspection of the Energy Efficiency of outdoor lighting facilities.


Regulated in Royal Decree No. 842 / 2002 of 2 August, putting the following types of Inspections and their Frequency in place:

Initial Inspection: The installations referred to below are, prior to being brought on line and following substantial modification/repair or enlargement, subject to an initial inspection:

  • Industrial installations requiring a project, with an installed power rating in excess of 100 kW.
  • Premises used by the public; Facilities for Entertainments and recreational activities, premises for meetings, work and sanitary uses. Premises which are classified according to conditions BD2, BD3 and BD4. Premises with capacity for occupancy by more than 100 persons.
  • Premises where there is a risk of fire or explosion, in Class I, except for garages with fewer than 25 parking spaces.
  • Premises of special characteristics.
  • Damp premises with an installed power rating in excess of 25 kW.
  • Swimming pools with an installed power rating in excess of 10 kW.
  • Operating theatres and halls.
  • Outdoor lighting installations with an installed power rating in excess of 5 kW.

Periodic Inspection: The following are subject to inspection every 5 years:

  • All the low-voltage electrical installations referred to in the previous point
  • Every 10 years, the shared facilities in buildings of homes with an installed power rating in excess of 100 kW.


High-voltage is considered to be any nominal power rating of 1 kV or more, and is regulated as follows:

Royal Decree No. 223/2008 of 15 February which passed the Regulations on the technical conditions and safety guarantees of high-voltage electrical lines, and their complementary technical instructions (ITC) LAT 01 – 09

  • Initial Inspection
  • Periodic Inspection


Royal Decree No. 3275/1995 of 12 November which passed the Regulations on the Technical Conditions and Security Guarantees of Electrical Power Stations, Substations and Transformer Centres and their Complementary Technical Instructions (ITC) MIE – RAT 001 – MIE – RAT 20:

  • Periodic Inspection


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