Regulatory Inspection

The certainty of knowing that all is operating correctly

Fire-Fighting installations

Inspección de instalaciones contra incendios

The main aim of fire-fighting installations in both industrial and non-industrial establishments is to ensure that, should they be necessary, they operate correctly. Precisely because they may never have to be used, and any fault in them represents a serious danger to the safety and integrity of persons and property, it is fundamental for them to be revised from time to time to guarantee their effectiveness.

Royal Decree No. 2267/2004 of 3 December which passed the Regulations on Safety Against Fire in Industrial Establishments makes it compulsory to perform inspections of fire-fighting installations, and the conditions in which this must be done.

The services which Eurocontrol provides in this field can be summarised as follows:

Initial and periodic inspections in Industrial Establishments:

  • All categories of industries
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Others

Inspections to ensure that Non-Industrial Establishments are adjusted to the regulations:

  • Hospital Use
  • Administrative Use
  • Commercial Use
  • Use for Public Attendance
  • Residential Use
  • Teaching Use

Eurocontrol performs the following periodic inspections as Authorised Control Body:

Authorised Control Body

Eurocontrol performs the following initial inspections as Authorised Control Body:


  • Automatic and Manual Detection and Alarm System
  • Equipped Fire-fighting Hydrant (BIE) System
  • Automatic Water Extinction (Sprinkler) System
  • Automatic Gas Extinction System
  • Water Supply System


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