Regulatory Inspection

The certainty of knowing that all is operating correctly

Gaseous fuel installations and apparatus

The conditions for the security and the schedule for the inspection of gaseous fuel installations and apparatus are put in place in Royal Decree No. 919/2006 of 28 July which approved the Technical Regulation for the distribution and use of gaseous fuels and their complementary technical instructions Nos. ICG 01 – 11, which guarantee that the installations are in compliance with the necessary technical requisites and are kept in good condition.

 Eurocontrol also makes it possible to complete the initial inspection and the periodic pressure tests using the acoustic emission procedure, a quicker and less aggressive Non-Destructive Test, and is the first company to have been accredited in Spain as a trial laboratory for the performance of this category of test.

 Eurocontrol’s technicians are experts in the inspection of all types of gaseous fuel installations:

Eurocontrols technicians




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